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Thread: <tables> in .css without any <tables>

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    <tables> in .css without any <tables>

    Ok I am new to .css

    Going to be pulling info from mysql and displaying it in repeating nestled tables via a php loop.

    like a products page with a images, discriptions prices for each item etc.

    I am going to import a .css page for style.

    Question whats the best way to do this.

    I can create a <table> with losts of nestled tables and use the .css to position and style it.


    I could forget all the <tables> and place each item in its right place using .css.

    Is that taking .css to far.... Is the performance gain of not using lots of nestled tables worth while ?

    Or have I lost the plot here !

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    if you're displaying tabular data, like a table of info, then use tables. The big anti-table thing is for tables being used as design, like what you get when you create a website with HTML created from ImageReady or Fireworks. They use tables to implement the design. That kind of table use is frowned upon. Its your design that should be implemented with css, not content. If you have tabular content, table away

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    Thanks for the response....

    LOL well I would never use Fireworks etc. to code a page for me. I am lazy but could never commit such a sin.

    I was just reading up on Webmonkeys on every way to squeeze performance from a site. It said nestled tables are not good, although that was more for the pre-pentium day.
    I figured now I could do it all in css, but just didn't know if it was worth it.

    Just checked out your site... Don't know when you updated it.. But it sure is a sweet design.

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    updated? My sites been like that for a couple of years I think

    As for performance, nested tables can be "slower" but really, any excessive use of code is slower. The simpler you can be the better.

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