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Thread: CSS div problems

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    CSS div problems

    So I'm working on an email for work and they want it done in css but I'm having problems. It's a two column with header and footer. The right div seems to drop straight to the bottom off the left div, but it keeps to the bottom right --does that make sense? It looks fine on mac FF and Safari, but does this on IE5/Mac and IE/Win. Is there something wrong in my code or do I need to use one of those hacks that I have no idea how to implement? Here's the link: http://www.shofnercreative.com/AndysPage/email.html

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    just a warning but you may want to check if the email app you're sending it to supports CSS

    I was working on a HTML email a while back only to discover that our version of Lotus Notes in the office (on 500 pc's) didn't support CSS so we had to go real basic and basically just take a screenshot of the email in a browser and then place it as an image into the email. Then make the image an imagemap for the links, not ideal but the only way we coulda done it.

    Not likely to be a problem for yourself but just thought I'd mention it


    as for your problem though I copied your code and when I deleted the div called race in the right div, it appeared as it should in IE.

    Do you really need this div to have a background image cause at the moment you don't have any content in it?
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