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Thread: linebreak and lists?

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    linebreak and lists?

    Hi there,

    im having trouble with some lists im working with... this is my htmlcode:
    <p>this is a list:
    my problem is the empty line after 'this is a list'... i was wondering how to get rid of it, or how to work around the problem...


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    You can set "this is a list" as a list item as well.

     <li id="title">this is a list</li>

    and in CSS put
    #title {
    margin-left: -5px;
    This would cause the first item in the list which is "this is a list" to be offset to the left by 5px. This is more than likely not the best way of doing and far from the only way.

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    I would do what bpk did or you can use the <br /> tag with a span around the text if you need it out of the ul also you can put a style on that p tag. There is a few ways to do this.

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    well, bpk's way is a hack not because of presentation, but because of info hierarchy. a list's title isn't an element in the list. here's what i would do:
    HTML Code:
    <h1>this is a list:</h1>
    h1 {
    	margin-bottom: 0;
    ul {
    	margin-top: 0;
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    well, bpk's way is a hack not because of presentation, but because of info hierarchy. a list's title isn't an element in the list. i would put the p's bottom margin to zero and the ul's top margin to 0 (or whatever you want).
    True. I should have mentioned that. Your suggestion is more sensible as well.

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    thanks a lot guys, i used bwh2's approach... thanks a lot!

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