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Thread: Pixel Art Tutorials?

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    Pixel Art Tutorials?

    Hi. Um, yeah I'm new here. I'm very interested in pixel art. I can sort of make pixel art, but it's definitely a lot more amateur that the art here, even those ones that say they're not good at it. So I'm looking for some pixel art tutorials that can help me create pixel buildings here at Kirupa. I've tried looking for some, but only found this one tutorial that's very basic and only about pixel lines. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Hi, here are some pixel art links that can help you out



    Those two links should definitly give you a head start. I must say so far I did not find any tutorials on the net more advanced from those I found there. Maybe some other people know about other good tutorials and post the url.

    I hope that helps you out,


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    Ultrashock has recently released a lot of new tutorials, including some awesome ones all about pixel-art.


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    hello all !!

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    ^ ok... I think this is the random reply of the hour? or day?
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    ok, does anybody know how to create pixel art in flash proffesional 8 alone? I'm great with photoshop but don't have it (don't ask how i am good with it)
    edit: nevermnind (still don't ask)

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    gr8 tutorials buddies.thanx 2 sim,xac n nevorrain

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    Thanks for the links. Woah! This should be my new hobby ->PixelArt.

    So there are a lot of hidden treasures inside kirupaForum.. I see.

    No I have no time for all these.
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    thanks for the tutorials they are great, also i have tryed cubescape, and it's really great!

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