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Thread: favicon problems...

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    favicon problems...

    i tried to set a favicon up on my site, but it didn't work. so i've prety much given up on it.

    however, a new problem has arisen.

    i've got a setup where if a page or image that doesn't exist, it sends me an email with the error, as well as a custom error page if its a mis-spelt link or something.

    anyway, i removed all trace of code from the only page that had the favicon on it, so therefore, no favicon should try to be loaded. but yet i still get error messages.

    removed the favicon image from the server, no difference, i then put it back on the server..but yet the error messages get more common. and its not regulary either...they either come once every site visit, or about 6 million in one go. and "favicon.ico" comes up as a page visit on the stats page i got...

    any ideas on how to stop this?
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    seems to only appear when someone on firefox access's the page.

    no other browsers seem to cause the error
    'Disk 1 of 1.' That means there's another one around here somewhere.

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    'Disk 1 of 1.' That means there's another one around here somewhere.

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    i can't recall IE ever showing favicons (except as bookmarks) so it's a mozilla/firefox thingy. I was thinking perhaps people viewing cached versions of your page might still send emails, but your script is most likely server-side and thus not cached.

    I'd google for firefox&favicons I get bugs/weird features sometimes (such as picture thumbs as favicons)

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    nothing like getting spammed by your own server..

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    i got it sorted now

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