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Thread: Submit damn you, submit!

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    Submit damn you, submit!

    Ok this is easy i am sure but I am stuck. Basically its this simple form...
       <form action="send_it.asp" method="post" name="emailform" >
     <input type="text" name="email_address_sender" size="40" >
    <a href="#" onclick="return checkForm(document.emailform)" class="button" id="buttonOK">
    which submits to this simple email validation function, which works if the email is incorrect, but of ots correct it wont submit to my "send_it.asp" page any ideas guys????

    function isEmpty( str){
        strRE = new RegExp( );
        strRE.compile( '^[\s ]*$', 'gi' );
        return strRE.test( str.value );
    function notValidEmail( str ){
        mailRE = new RegExp( );
        mailRE.compile( '^[\._a-z0-9-]+@[\.a-z0-9-]+[\.]{1}[a-z]{2,4}$', 'gi' );
        return !(mailRE.test( str.value ));
    function notChecked( box ){
        if( box.checked ){
            return false;
            return true;
    //it accepts "form" as parameter
    function checkForm( form ){
        //lets check if Name text field is empty. This field has name "name".
        if( isEmpty( form.name ) ){
            alert( 'Name is required field!' );
            return false;
        //now let's check if email is correct. This field name is "email"
        if( notValidEmail( form.email_address_sender ) ){
            alert( 'Please enter a valid email address' );
            return false;
        //now let's check if checkbox is checked. This field name is "subscribe"
        if( notChecked( form.subscribe ) ){
            alert( 'Subscribe box is required field!' );
            return false;
        alert('Form is okay!!!');
        return false;

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    Try adding form.submit() to the end of your checkForm function

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    I tried that but no joy. Technically I can't understand why this doesnt work, I can get it to alert an error if the email is incorrect but if its correct the status bar just says 'error on page', and nothing happens. What even more frustrating is that I have actually got it to work on my work pc, but here at home it doesnt.

    Any more ideas

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    looks better in lowercase
    Shouldn't that be a `return true` at the end of your `checkForm` function?
    "60% of the time it works... every time." -- Paul Rudd as Brian Fantana.

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