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Thread: Frames and Horizontal Scrolling

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    Frames and Horizontal Scrolling

    Okay I know HTML, I just don`t know frames so hot.
    My question being:
    Is there a way to have one page with a frame and links on the bottom and every link opens a different frame in that same page. The only way I know how to do this is to make a seperate page for every link that looks the exact same, but that`s just bogus. Any ideas?

    And, if possible I need it to be a horizontal scrolling frame.

    Example of what I exactly want:http://www.scottpommier.com/PP_menu.htm
    the way it opens a different frame with a click of the different links in the same page.

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    That's your typical iFrame setup. There's about 8 million tutorials out there on it. Though I recommend you just use server side includes to build the navigation once and display it on as many pages as you want, so you don't have to keep making the same file. It's far more effective and less painful than frames.

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    It's been years since I have used frames but I think that something like this would work.
    Set up 2 frames, one called NAVIGATION with the source of links.html. The other called CONTENT with the source of whatever page should be loaded first.
    Each link in the links.html page should target the frame called content and load whatever page it refers to.

    Not sure if that makes any sense, if not try googling "Frames Target HTML" or something like that.

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    You just have to make an iframe and when you make your links target that iframe
    HTML Code:
    <iframe name="content" src="foo.htm"><iframe>
    <a href="page1.htm" rel="nofollow" target="content">Page 1</a> - <a href="page2.htm" rel="nofollow" target="content">Page 2</a>
    PHP Code:
    <zip> echo this; </zip

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    Ok thanks a lot boyos, it`s me I just changed my name.

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    oh and about that, how do I make the frames just horizontal scroll?

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