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Thread: Reduce lag in flash games.

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    Reduce lag in flash games.

    I posted this here because it is more on the graphical side of game design.

    I recently created a game called PandaAttack. It was okay, everything worked well. However when I tried adding more features, it lagged. So I had to take them out.

    The question is, what are some techniques to reduce lag on a game? (or any flash movie in general)

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    well i suggest oop if you not already using it


    being able to create new objects and delete them is the best way i can think of it

    when ever you say thisfor example
    test=new Array()
    when your done with you would say
    delete test;
    flash doesnt really have any memory related functions so when you think of it the more memory you have the better, so its better to dynamically create objects on the run such as iterators etc... not everything in a game has to be dynamic though, like say

    var lives:Number=5
    it has a set amount of memory it takes up. and since as2 doesnt really have data types (int, long, double, char,float) you just have to assume that its the highest amount of memory it can take up. hence why the flash player is so slow... as3 introduces these types i think* as uint,int,double,,etc...

    so you kind of have to work around that, also arrays take up alot of memory, so the bigger the array, the harder it is on you computers ram


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    Hey, thanks for the reply, but I can't see your codes!

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    Make sure you have as little code running in "onEnterFrame" functions as possible.

    Make all offscreen movieclips invisible, and delete movieclips that aren't going to be used anymore...

    Don't use semitransparency(eg: "_alpha = 66"), or use as little as you can manage.

    Don't use a bunch of movieclips if the same task could be completed with fewer.

    Made-up-but-probaby-true fact of the day: 99% of slowdowns in Flash are caused by graphical things.
    I created Trainyard and now I'm making more awful games.

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