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Thread: How can I hide horizontal scroll bar in Firefox?

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    How can I hide horizontal scroll bar in Firefox?

    I've got it hidden for IE but the same CSS does not work for Firefox.

    html,body {overflow-x: hidden;}

    As a note: The reason I get the horizontal scroll bars is because i have a layer that extends paste the 800 pixel width of my site, this is to hide a dhtml layer the slids in and out.

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    molotov, the CSS tag overflow-x doesnt work quite good with Firefox. Even the iFrame and frames dont look the same in Firefox like what they actually are in the Internet Explorer. I dont think you can do much about it until Firefox themselves fix this

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    Figured as much, thanks for the reply.

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    You can put everything in a huge div container, then set the div width to be 100% and overflow: hidden. It should work.
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