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Thread: mute all sounds

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    mute all sounds

    hey i'm making a flash banner ad for the company i work for and it's basically a non-interactive version of pong.

    we wanted to have a blip sound when the ball hits the paddles or edges.

    as such, the ball always hits at specific frames, so i attached the "blip" sound of the ball bouncing to a frame on the sound layer using the properties sound pulldown.

    however, we only want the sound to play if the mouse is over the clip (to keep it from annoying users).

    how can i control the volume of these sounds?

    i created a movieclip the size of the banner and tried using the setVolume code but since the sound isn't invoked by A/S i dont think that works.

    how can i control the volume of sounds on a layer, rather than A/S sounds?


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    nevermind, i figured it out.

    first frame:

    globalvolume = new Sound();

    button the size of the whole stage:

    on (rollOver) {

    on (rollOut) {

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    you mean stopAllSounds() ?

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    i dont believe stopallsounds works on sounds that haven't been started yet.

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