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Thread: best guestbook options?

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    best guestbook options?

    hey, im looking for a very simple guestbook, just for people to leave a quick comment, but i dont want to use one of these that links to another site.

    Could somebody provide me with the html/asp or w.e it is i need to do this.

    Thanks in advance

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    First tell me what server-side scripting and database you have available on your server, e.g.
    scriping: ASP, .NET, PHP...
    database: Access, MySQL, MS SQL...

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    scripting: php or asp
    database: mysql

    if its a matter of just copying in the script thats fine, but i only know basic html so anything that entails a lot of editing is no good for me. all i need is a really basic thing where people can leave their name and a comment... thanks for replying, i expected more from kirupa but by the looks of it the client side board is very slow recently...

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    Here's one for you. I remember playing with this a while back yet can't remember where it was originally from.

    You need PHP on your server - no database is needed. Also, as I've made all links relative, no editing of the source files is required either.

    You can see a working example here:


    There's a simple readme file in the attached .zip file, but feel free to give us a shout if you need any extra help with it.

    Oh, and it also sends you an email whenever anyone leaves a message - you MUST change this in the 'addentry.php' file - else I'll be getting all of YOUR guestbook replies sent to my email address. Please don't forget to change this.

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    This could be improved upon - I've just noticed that there's a few characters that screw things up - such as & and # for starters.

    You might want to investigate urlencode functions in php and the escape function in actionscript. Using these methods you can strip everything down to it's URL characters when you save messages and do the opposite when reading the messages back in.


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