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Thread: Centering the browser view

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    Centering the browser view

    Hello everyone.
    I have a total flash website which is pretty big on resolution (1120*845).

    Although, the main part of the animation is really small and it is centered so when the browser loads, you can only see the half of the animation. You have to scroll down.

    So, is there a code I can put into html so that it will center the flash animation (so that the browser will load the new page as scrolled down and right) to be able to center the animation on the page?

    for more look at

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    i would make the flash smaller..then put it in a centered div layer so it does appear center from the left and right..but depending on the users browsers resolutions, it will appear dead center or slightly higher..or slightly lower. i prefer slightly higher on the page. so, make it so it would appear roughly center on what you think some people would use in terms of smaller browsers, as in, dont fill the entire screen.

    does that make any sense?
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    Yes.. But the resolution cannot be smaller than that since there will be different parts of the site appearing on top, left, bottom and right.

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    i would suggest to work out the rest of the site, and then see how it looks and work around that.

    if you make it center now, and then you make the rest of the site and it changed the positioning, then you have to solve the same problem again.

    thats what i would do anyway.

    maybe someone else can offer a better solution
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    Yes you're right.
    Though I thought for the future. I will need it someday...

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    simple, reduce the size of ur site. i know that if i came across a site which was so big that i had to scroll to find it, i would just close it. So reducing the dimensions may increase the amount of people willing to view your site

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