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Thread: Disabling Form Parts

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    Disabling Form Parts


    I don't do much Javascript work and I was hoping someone could help me debug the following code.

    I am looking to disable a form part (a file upload field) if they do not check off a checkbox.

    File Field Name: userfile
    Checkbox Name: editimage

    Here is the javascript

    HTML Code:
          function disablefield()
      // check everything you need to check and then
      if (document.forms[0].editimage.value == "yes"){
          document.forms[0].userfile.disabled = false;
    } else if (document.forms[0].editimage.value == "") {
    document.forms[0].userfile.disabled = true;
    Here is parts of the HTML form. The checkbox and the file field-

    HTML Code:
    <input onChange="disablefield(this);" name='editimage' type='checkbox' id='editimage' value='yes'>
    <input disabled='disabled' name='textfield' type='text' value='http://www.' size='13'>
    The javascript is placed in between the two.

    Please help!



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    Backend Specialist
    I am not a javascript guru or anything, but I have done this before. For the checkbox value, you can use "document.forms[0].editimage.checked" and that will return a boolean value. so try the following:
      function disablefield() {
        if (document.forms[0].editimage.checked) {
          document.forms[0].userfile.disabled = ''; 
        } else { 
          document.forms[0].userfile.disabled = 'disabled'; 
    Then in your HTML, you don't have to pass in "this" to the function since you arent referencing anything within the code. So just do the "onChange='disablefield()'"


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    Registered User
    HTML Code:
    function disableField(){
    	var p = document.forms[0];
    ... try that. the disabled property is true/false
    PHP Code:
    <zip> echo this; </zip

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    Both worked, thanks so much! If anyone does read this, make sure that your field is disabled too. If not, then when the page loads initially, the field will be enabled.

    Thanks again!

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    Registered User
    HTML Code:
    function disableField(){
          var p = document.forms[0];
    I don't know why I didnt think of this earlier ... brain fart
    PHP Code:
    <zip> echo this; </zip

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