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Thread: Table Background

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    Table Background

    Is there anyway of setting the background image of a table in a html file, not as a colour or an image, but a flash file?

    This seems like such a simple solution for a huge problem?

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    cannot use flash in the bgrd yet....I think you have be able to float a div over it using the z-index values. The day you can use flash as bgrd images.....will be such a glorious day....

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    Yeah like DDD said, have layers that you can set z-index values to with CSS.

    It will lag like hell though.
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    Well, you don't really need the background property available for flash since you got layers.So 2 layers (or 3 to get a bit of transparency if you want) placed one over the other..and you're set. Smth like this:
    And it doesn't lag much if you keep the .swf in a decent size.

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