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Thread: Quick question ^_^

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    Quick question ^_^

    Okay have a slight problem. i prob made the stupidist mistake ever but why does this...


    look okay in FireFox but not in Internet Explorer. confused me

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    Because Fire Fox is better. Duh.

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    Indeed IE is kinda dumb ... but it comes down to how you're coding the html

    When you have:
    HTML Code:
    		<td colspan="20">
    			<img src="images/BlackAndWhite2_01.gif" width="425" height="13" alt=""></td>
    HTML Code:
    		<td colspan="20"><img src="images/BlackAndWhite2_01.gif" width="425" height="13" alt=""></td>
    IE doesn't like to have extra linebreaks/spaces in the code between elements.
    PHP Code:
    <zip> echo this; </zip

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    tryed that, no more spaces in my code now ^_^ lol

    still looks funny in IE but get this.

    This spun me out completly. it works okay if you have version 4.4 of IE on a mac lol. crazy, tryed it on college e-mac and was like WTF!

    then i tryed it in safari also works fine in there. very strange, maybe IE shud be delted from every computer in the world then i wudnt have to worry about fixing this problem ^_^ lol.

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    you still had some in there ...

    PHP Code:
    <zip> echo this; </zip

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