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Thread: ocean sounds

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    <name="Joey" age="15">

    ocean sounds

    lol does any one have like a 1 hour track of ocean sounds? lol its for my future site and becuase it will probally help me sleep. thnx
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    I live in Vancouver, near the ocean. I can just walk out for 5 minutes and I'll see the ocean. If you are willing to pay for 1 hour of my time, in return you will get 1 hour track of ocean sounds.

    I don't even have a recorder.
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    lol um, they sell these cds for sleep problems I think, or just for soothing sounds. Go to like target or wallmart or something they should have it. I lost the ocean cd I had, so i cant send you that (it wouldnt be legal either )

    brookstone deffinately has it, but I dont know if they have those stores where you live

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    <name="Joey" age="15">
    lol no problem and i wish i lived near the ocean
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    I like the ones of rain the best. when ever the fog horn goes off it wakes me up (simpsons).

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    site still under construction... going on 6 years now.

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    why one hour? it's gonna be a big file. why not go for a looping sound clip?

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