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Thread: Chimp Logo!

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    Chimp Logo!

    I can't think of a logo for radioativechimp.com. Can you help me out? What does "RadioactiveChimp" mean to you? If I end up liking the logo, I would be happy to give something in return, like a custom silkscreened shirt. Go for it, I trust you


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    i just keep thinking a bananna and a radioactive sign. dam im good lol jk. i suck wit logos so i just thought i would just share my materpiece/idea lol.


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    oh that's not bad, you knwo the symbol for radioactive? Those three lines going towards teh middle could be bananas! haha i kinda like it

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    bam, u got something there.

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    chimp eating a glowing banana with a crate next to it that says radioactive waste?
    got pwnt?

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    How's this for an idea:

    Attached Images Attached Images  
    happy easter!

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    Hey radioactivechimp! You certainly have a tough one there!

    ermm i would go with some kind of green/yellow style chimps head or sumthin, with the radioactive signs for eyes, just slightly opaque though, dunno just a thought.
    Don't fade to grey...

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    Gimme a few days. I'll make a mess of something and post it up.

    "I'd hit it like the fist of an angry god." - fester8542
    "Yeah but experts are conformist bastards. Ignore their so called "wisdom"!" - Iamthejuggler

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    haha thanks paddy! And remember, whoever does this all cool-like, I'll make them a silkscreened shirt of whatever they desire.

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    email sent
    my smilies: K-Emmys 05: Best newbie, FOUNDER OF THE KEMMY'S
    Deviantart I am ŦĦĸ7!!

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    hey i saw your e-mail sparky, and sorry but it's not really what I'm looking for

    here is what the site looks like so far:
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    how about give us some key things you would expect
    and colors or figures
    my smilies: K-Emmys 05: Best newbie, FOUNDER OF THE KEMMY'S
    Deviantart I am ŦĦĸ7!!

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    ...i just did didn't i?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioactveChimp
    ...i just did didn't i?
    what was it?
    my smilies: K-Emmys 05: Best newbie, FOUNDER OF THE KEMMY'S
    Deviantart I am ŦĦĸ7!!

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    What about my chimp? No one has commented on it
    happy easter!

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