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Thread: Urgent [ Free logo designs ]

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    Urgent [ Free logo designs ]

    I really need your help. Its quite urgent. If possible it can be done today. Urgent.

    Btw: I'm offering free logos not seeking.

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    You are welcome to try and make one for me

    If you want PM me for what I'd had in mind
    happy easter!

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    I would like a free logo do one for "the Enhance" if you can!

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    Make me one

    Wiuth Sebhughes.com Webdesign on it
    Member #2 of the "I wont critique Timmytot's designs anymore" club.

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    I mean this logo is really going to be submitted inside one of my stuffs.. need it by today.. it shd be for company or for a site..

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    SebHughes can tell me more details?

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    I dont know 3d cube with sebhughes webdesign in it please
    Member #2 of the "I wont critique Timmytot's designs anymore" club.

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    why don't you just make up a company and design their logo, then you have more flexibility and you don't need to wait for someone to come along and ask you...
    i just made up all my clients for my folio.

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    you should be posting this in job offer section. i will move it..

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    one for UnChew! Web Design!

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    Ok nevermind then.

    I wanted to put it in random because there's more traffic

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    And I want Angelina Jolie because she is pretty.
    If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.

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    Oliver Zheng

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTsoul
    And I want Angelina Jolie because she is pretty.
    Only the lips !

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    just the lips? are you kidding.. lol the whole thing baby!..

    _silent you might get a better response in here since people come to this thread looking for jobs to do, if the job is still available and people are willing i dont see any issue in keep asking in here.

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    Oh please you know you want just her lips for some good you-know-what .

    (i didn't say that shh)

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