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Thread: Who can do this???

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    Who can do this???

    Need someone to create this effect seen below for me. It will probably only be 2 pages flipped. One will flip to the left and the other to the right. i will supply the pages. Simple job - I think. Any takers?? Send me a quote.




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    2 things -
    1. Dont double post
    2. Why not just download the .fla from your link?

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    Sorry. I don't know how to use flash so I'm hoping someone else can download the file and do the job for me. Anyone???

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    i'll field the job

    whats the details?

    PM me?

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    and i think im speakin for all of us when i say that no money needs to be involved (if thats what you meant by a quote)

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    Is it that easy?? That is awesome - who will do it for me - Dewfiend???

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    you do know it comes with instructions.

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    Never used flash before.

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    Can anyone help me with this??? Dewfiend doesn't seem to be responding to my request. This would be a huge help - anyone??

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    I'll take it. I just need to know what content you want on it.

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    Still need help???

    I can help u! can reply to me on aarushi2001@gmail.com

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    ill do it for 200

    ~ Lacuna
    - --

    What's a footer?

    - --

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    I'll do it for 199!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lacuna
    ill do it for 200
    ~ Lacuna

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    Noone willing to help me out - sent a couple people details but noone has sent a file yet??

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    pfff. ill do it. email me. naaman@dinkumrocks.com

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