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Thread: Voetsjoeba's Stamp(s)

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    Voetsjoeba's Stamp(s)

    Made these ...

    Wait, what?

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    Cool , Keep it coming man

    Now make a fireworks one, dreamweaver one etc
    Member #2 of the "I wont critique Timmytot's designs anymore" club.

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    Yup, that's the idea But I'm not by far a designer, so I'm taking it easy
    Wait, what?

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    Sexy Bro [!] Voets thats rocking, looks great and will look good in a series with others!!

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    it's good, but the f is kind of jagged. plus, the red f on a blue background.....try making the f blue to fit in. everyone will still know it's the flash f.

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    The f is supposed to stand out, not blend in. Besides, I think MM also put a red f on a blue box in the Flash MX box: http://www.macromedia.com/software/f...s/flmx_box.gif
    Wait, what?

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    Isnt that the old box?
    Member #2 of the "I wont critique Timmytot's designs anymore" club.

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    Yes, but that doesn't matter - it's just an example that a red f on a blue bg does work.
    Wait, what?

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    Looks really nice voets Though, I would prefer you didn't create similar stamps for FF, DW, etc., for I am trying to avoid adding up a series of fonts that are too closely related such as the MS Office apps, MM apps, etc.

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    Alrighty Kirupa, no problem

    Thanks for getting rid of that extra work for me buddy ... how much do I owe y.. oh ****, they're watchin'. Talk to ya later ... *walks away*

    Wait, what?

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    Added the "sexeh" stamp
    Wait, what?

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    Yeah, nice. Would be a good series.

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    I've actually been waiting for you to post something

    : Sometimes I come out of no where to update the Nintendo Cult thread. :
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    i like the sexeh one...no the flash one

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