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Thread: Hiding the top of a page with frames...

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    Hiding the top of a page with frames...

    Hello all,

    Please, help me! I've been searching Google with no success...

    I'm making a website for a client that has the right to make a Belgian version of www.farouk.com: farouk.be (really, no kidding).
    I would like to make 2 horizontal frames. In the top frame I need my menu in Dutch. In the bottom frame I need information retrieved from www.farouk.com.

    The problem I have is that on every top of a page on farouk.com there's a menu as well, but in English. I would like to "hide" their menu by the frame which contains my menu in Dutch... is that possible? I have no access to the files or code of farouk.com, I'm just allowed to link, that's all. I don't think the solution can be created with HTML, but perhaps PHP?

    Thanks a lot!


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    this is a client side feature, not server side... the only way i figure to do that is using a layer to cover the part that you are not interested, while loading the original site inside an iframe... but anyway this will be a crap of work...

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    Answering to your question, you can do it... How? that's the problem. I don't think that you should be able to use yahoo portal directly (only if you know how does their system internally works... want a hint? is a Sun portal xP), it's probable that you will need to make your own mail client with PHP, and manage your mail through the POP access. You should be able to find the yahoo POP server information in the mail options.

    It should be a lot of work, better use your favourite mail client... If you still in mood to try it, I have a book with a tutorial that do this...

    Hope this help…

    mmm... let me see if I understand. You're making a page in two frames. You have your own menu in German, and it will be appearing on the top frame. And the bottom frame will display the different instances of the Farouk page, but you don't want their menu to be displayed on the new screen...

    You sure like to make things hard, but I can make a little but complex, and not at all working suggestion or hypothesis (well, it should work in the measure you work on it).

    You should work on your menu and on your PHP code. I think that you can use "strtr()" command on PHP to change Their page code (downloaded in by your PHP program) and rebuilt it again with your new specs... BUT it should not be easy at all, after all you should need to make new redirectioning to every link or non-HTML element on the page (images, flash movies, etc...)

    I don't feel that this is the easiest way, but with some work it should be enough.

    About it:
    strtr(<original text>, <rules to work with the text>);
    $original_text = “hello happy people!”
    $rules = array ( "hello" => "saiounara", "happy" => "sad", "people" => "world");
    $new_string = strtr( $original_text, $rules );
    echo $new_string;

    And the output should be “saiounara sad world”

    Think about it as if the original text where Farouk’s HTML code.

    I love to make things complex... xP

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    Thanks for your help!

    rafusmx, I have no idea what you were talking about... Yahoo, mail servers,... Maybe you copied and pasted something that was still on your clipboard.
    Anyway, I read your PHP solution as well. Interesting, I'll have to try it, even though I already have a solution... but maybe just a temorary one.

    Like pixelisfun told me, it actually is possible to do it with iframes and layers, and it's not that hard at all. I just put the farouk.com page in the iframe and stiched a layer of 93px heigh with my menu in it on top of that page. It works like a charm, but only on new browsers (IE 5.5+, Firefox,...).

    Thanks again!

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