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Thread: Ming, Flash & PHP - noobie Q's

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    Ming, Flash & PHP - noobie Q's

    I'm trying to get into using Ming and I've already have a couple of problems. I've searched the net for a few really basic tuts but only come up with a few. If anyone could steer me in the right direction I'd be very happy!

    Noob question 1: When I've entered the code in notepad, what extension would I use when saving?

    2. Can I create the graphics, buttons etc in Flash and simply attach the Ming code in the AS Panel?

    3. Can Ming codes be used within a projector or does it have to call the server?

    Sorry if these are really lame questions, but I really can't find the answers anywhere...


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    1- you save your ming code as a PHP file (.php)

    2- Ming and the FlashIDE do not work together in most instances. You can use Ming to load pre-made graphics from a SWF file created in the FlashIDE, but the buttons must be created either in Ming or by actionscript

    3- AFAIK, only the FlashIDE and some 3rd party software can create projector files, not Ming

    For a basic Ming tute, check out http://jerryscript.hostrocket.com/php/ming/lessons/

    For specific questions, I recomend the Ming mailing list (ming-fun) which can be subscribed to from the Ming homepage at http://ming.sourceforge.net

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    Thank you Jerryscript!

    I will certainly look into it!

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    Ok so I saved the code in notepad and saved as .php...then what do I do? Sorry about this.....

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    Assuming you have Ming installed on your server, you view your code in a browser, and depending upon the method of ouput (either $movie->save(FILENAME,9); or $movie->output(9);), the swf file will be created or output dynamically to the browser.

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