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Thread: car for my wedding

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    car for my wedding

    As some of you know myself and my fiancee is planning our wedding and I just thought I'd show you a picture of the car myself and the best man will be arriving at the church in


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    woah, seriously?!?

    that's gonna be soooooooooooooooooo cool

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    Rock on man, have a blast.

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    so, are you starsky or hutch?

    looks cool man! these little things like this you do will make your day more special and memorable.

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    Heheh sweet, I love the Ford Grand Torino, such a quality car.

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    Nice car. Love the website too.

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    haha thats cool, gl with the wedding, i just got married last summer

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    Ha ha that's pretty cool, just hope it doesn't break down along the way.

    Nah, a car like that has to be kept in good shape.

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    wow, nice car.
    hey congratulations for the wedding, wish u best of luck

    Bad things aren't supposed to happen to pretty people damn it! - nobody

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    the company also hires the car from Knight Rider but I think I'll stick with the Torino

    when I was a kid one of my aunts had black curly hair and a red car. So I made her drive me round the block in her car and, cause she was driving and I had blonde hair, I would pretend to be Hutch cause she obviously had to be Starsky. So thats why the Torino and thats why I'll be Hutch
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    Wow.... Nice.. and congratulations with the engagement.

    I hope to get married one day. If I find a nice girl.

    Looks really nice that car, I wouldn't come in that car. I'm more of a limo man my self. Would be cool..
    I can feel the love in the air!
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    awesome ride

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    -1 posts per day. Huh ?
    i think you can open a roadside circus with that

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