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Thread: swift .swf file in website

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    swift .swf file in website

    Hey peeps,
    I'm into making flash websites and now i've made some really great looking 3d models in 3d studio max and I've imported those models in swift3d.
    Now when i export that file to an swf file (to import it in my flash based website) then the quality of the object just isn't good anymore. When importing it into swift3d, the quality is great...
    Do professionals use this way of working to import 3d objects into their websites???? Cause I've seen some great looking sites with 3d objects...
    Hope someone can help me out here!!

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    What export settings are you using (Vector or Raster)? If vector, what settings are you using? Can you post a screen cap of your example?

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    I've tryed using vector but that didn't worked out at all (just looked like a 2d pic with poor color quality) so i've tryed raster and that came out better but the quality is poor. It looks like it was cutted out somewhere and placed in my website...

    But I think I really have to render vector based anyway? What setting do I have to use to make it look smooth and 3d. BTW, is importing my 3ds file into swift3d and exporting it to swf the best way to do this or are there other better ways? Don't know. I've tryed using the swift3d plugin but that one is expensive...

    Wow, thought my job was done after finishing my 3d object....

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    oh yeah, can't really post a screen capture cause I'm not at home for the moment. Will do that later on today...

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    kewl, I'll wait for that screen cap. I should be able to get a good idea of what you're trying to do then.

    I generally like to export in vector if I'm doing an animation. If I'm doing a single still image I'll use raster to get a nice highly detailed render.

    When I render in vector I like to get a cartoon / illustrated look. I do that by export to .swft, Single Color Fill with Shadows and outlines.

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