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Thread: water reflection

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    water reflection

    hey ho, ive made a website logo (in flash) as an enter page image but i fancy making a water reflection of this image, ive seen this done before can anyone help?


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    hmm, can u post an example?
    maybe copy and paste the image and rotate/skew it then use the watter ripple effect in PS?

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    eg, an image floating over water, so the image is reflected with ripple effect,

    i have PS but dont use it much, ive seen a website which had the ripple effect move like water created in flash unfortunately ive lost the link

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    Hey man, VERY nice navigational system you got there
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    thanks man but also very old... havent updated in almost 1.5 years

    http://www.flashkit.com/movies/Effec...m_-5/index.php this is the secert to wat i did. only hard part is matching the loop

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    hey man, thanks for ur reply to my water reflexion problem but im not sure if i understand.......heres wot i got so far

    image is coped and turned upside down blah blah

    image is alphad

    concentric rings are added to give ripples

    but how are the ripples coded so an effect of water rippling created? i opened the fla u suggested in mx 04 but i cant see any code for it, shuld i open it in mx or can you help me out? im creating a site for my designs and ive got a logo for my site but i want it rippling like you have on your site.

    Ps really nice nav menu


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    Hey man, VERY nice navigational system you got there
    I agree.. was that something from Flashkit, or did you make that yourself??

    MarcusJump.com - Artwork and Design

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    no, no. created it myself... but u can check out senculars tutorials and that 3d tut will give u the idea

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    ive been through some of the tutorials, and although they are written well, i am unable to make much use out of them... ive downloaded the source files, and a few others from flashkit, but i am no AS expert... ill see what i can do..

    Unemployed, eh?? PM me if you would like to work out a monetary arrangement... $$$$ka-ching$$$$$

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