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Thread: How to make a screenshot??

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    How to make a screenshot??

    Does anybody know how to make a screenshot of a webpage,
    so I can save it as a .jpg or else?

    I'm using Mac OS9 and Netscape 7.


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    ermm im not sure but check the top right corner of ur keyboard there shud be a key that says summit like PrtSC, Prt SC, summit like that.

    im not 100% sure dunno if mac keyboards are diffrent or not. if u aint got a print screen key u prob need a programe or summit i dunno. soz man

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    search for "screen capture" in Mac Help. I've never used OS 9, and I forget the button shortcut for OS X, sorry.

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    Thanks njs12345!!

    That's terific, just what I wanted.
    Like the camera sound that goes with it too!

    Thanks Desire and Colin for your replies...

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