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Thread: broswer manipulation with javascript?!?!

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    broswer manipulation with javascript?!?!

    hi all

    i have a main.html, what i want to know if its possible is when the user enters main.html can a javascript popup automatically come up?......and when that happens close main.html automatically??

    thnx in advance

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    anyone wanna shed a bit of light over here??

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    Hmn ... I'm a bit rusty with JavaScript, so someone might need to have to correct this ..

    PHP Code:
    <script language="JavaScript">
    alert("Hey, get out !");
    self.opener null;
    <body onLoad="doClose()">
    Wait, what?

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    where do i apply this code?



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    The script goes in the head section of your HTML file, and the onLoad goes in the body tag. I don't know if it'll work though ...
    Wait, what?

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