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Thread: not a flash game...

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    not a flash game...

    what programming languages do game programmers use to make games like Unreal? c++? and what is the "basic structure" of a game like this? I mean, they surely use directx, but how can they draw all the models etc?


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    I think Unreal was done in C, and most of the models they tend to make in software like 3ds Max... though in Unreal, Tim Sweeny made the Unreal Editor, which was what they made most of their levels in... if you're thinking of getting into Serious Game programing, with 3D, and such, you need to really, really know a lot about C, and you may want to pick up some books on the subject. I think there's a book about 3D game programming.

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    C++ actually Seifer.. It's just an advanced form of C..

    But.. They use that mixed in with Software Developement Kits.. Like the DirectX and Windows SDK's..

    And yes there are books about 3D Game Programming Seifer
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    C was one step up from B, and C++, was the next step up from C, sort of a 'play on words', since you can use "++" to increase a variable by one:
    variableName = variableName + 1;
    //result in the same thing.
    Took about 3.5 years of C++ in High School...
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    Originally posted by SeiferTim
    C was one step up from B, and C++, was the next step up from C, sort of a 'play on words', since you can use "++" to increase a variable by one:
    Wouldn't that be

    variableName = variableName+1

    then ?
    Wait, what?

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    What are you talking about? That's what it says!

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    Wait, what?

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    God Bless the Edit Button

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