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Thread: New to XML...

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    New to XML...

    I am new to XML and hopefully you guys can answer a few questions...

    First off, what is the advantage of using XML as opposed to just using an external text file?

    I know in XML you make your own tags and refer to the tags to get information but how can this be implemented in Flash. I want to make it so my client can easily update content so is there a way to make them a flash interface that will alow them to change content without have to open the actually XML file. I mean that would be just as hard to them as HTML. Is there any tutorial you guys know that shows how to make it so the client can you a Flash interface to change the content of their site? Thanks


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    well XML is just formatting of text. The real dirty work behind what you want to do requires a server-side scripting language like PHP or ASP. With that, you can create forms that allow the editing of server-based text (possibly XML) files which can then drive the content of the site. Are you familiar with anything like PHP?

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    Nope lol. Can you point me to a tutorial which uses a Flash Interface (that I would make) to allow my clients to change the content of the site? Thanks


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    ... if your looking for a way for users to update a site and you don't know how to make your own backend, you could use blogger. ( www.blogger.com )

    just have it upload the blogs to your webserver as a .txt file and edit blogger template accordingly soo that you just end up with the txt.

    then you can just load that txt file into flash.

    (just make sure to put a link back to blogger somewhere on the site.)

    b4 i started learning php this worked out quite well for me.

    however... if your set on using xml.. senacular wrote a very nice tuturial on it.. search for xml in the actionscript forum and you'll find it.

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    XML & PHP {Easy}

    XML & PHP {Intermediate}

    These tutorials show you how to take a simple XML file and use PHP to format the data in any format you like... If you need more specific help you can ask a question here...

    [edit]Sorry, those don't really answer your question (I skimmed thru). Basically what I would do is make a front-end form that would allow me to save the data into a database. Then I would take the information out of that database using a PHP script that drops the data into an XML page.

    And then from there do whatever you want with the XML. Honestly I wouldn't use a Flash front-end system. Its not worth the hassle... An HTML front-end can be just as good with the right design and CSS.

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