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Thread: My Pixel House

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    My Pixel House

    Hey guys, I'm new here nice to meet ya all.

    I am making a house in pixel art so I thought I'd get all your opinions so far so here it is...

    Remember it aint finished yet, still got quite a bit to do but its goin well so far...

    - Soul

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    I can't wait to see what the inside is going to look like

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    very nice.... looking forward to see what you come up with for the battle


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    Thanks guys!

    Yeh the inside is quite daunting lol, I'll try my best.

    The battle is gonna be a challenge too but I'm looking forward to it, any of you guys started your entries yet?

    *goes and starts the interior* (I'll post my progress soon)

    - Soul

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    Wow, that's very cool. Looking forward to c ur entries.

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    very nice indeed! I like the door! It's so cool!

    Member #1 of the "Don't message me your flash questions" cult

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    i like the part where it goes like in a diagnal too the right... the glass looks cool...wow...i am now adicted to CS...its the anti-kirupaforum...good to be back!
    Linux? Il y a moins bien, mais c'est plus cher.
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    : : NEXT UPDATE : :

    Hey guys, thanks for all your positive comments! I've done some more now so I've attached my next stage

    I've actually changed the door Syko lol :-\ Not because of your comment I just thought this one looks better, hope ya like this door just a much.

    I love my sexy rug! Haha! Ahh the pleasures of pixelidge!

    Any feedback please...

    - Soul
    Last edited by Soul; December 14th, 2002 at 04:28 PM.

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    It looks like the tv isn't facing the chair...lol.

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    Lol, your right. Did'nt look hardly. :o

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    Man you guys are quick! lol

    You replied while I was editing the last post! lol

    Anyway thx again How do ya mean Lost? Do you mean it looks like its backwards or its just angled weirdly? I just noticed that the stairs from the roof dont actually go anywhere lol! Do you think it matters?

    The door on the roof is just to a hole in the ceiling that they fall through into the house.... thats my reason and I'm sticking with it!!

    Well I'll get back to doing some more while you reply...

    - Soul

    ( Ps... Do ya like mah sexy rug? )

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    Door on the roof : LOL, good one.

    Rug: Its alright, could be bigger

    TV: It is either facing the wall or the window, but not the chair.

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    Alright?... ALRIGHT!? That rug is sexier than anything ever! Ever I tells ye!

    lol anyway, thanks for your opinions Lost, I'll see what I can do with the TV.

    Hows your apartment going Lost? Any progress since I last saw it?

    - Soul
    Last edited by Soul; December 14th, 2002 at 04:54 PM.

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    Nope, not much progress with that, I have been working on the pixel battle thing.

    And OK OK, you have a sexy rug... I want to rub that thing all night.... sheesh... there I said it... you happy now? ...lol.

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