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Thread: Why does this happen

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    Why does this happen

    I have a mailer doohicky.. and I just curious as to why something happens...
    PHP Code:

    // Mail out
    $f "From : ";
    $From $f $email;

    That code doesn't send the e-mail address

    PHP Code:

    // Mail out
    $f "$From : ";
    $From $f $email;

    That one does.. any clue why

    also... is there a way to make it so when the user inputs their email address it actually shows up as coming from there?

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    There are absolutely no differences between the code, are you sure you posted the right two versions?

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    difference is the "$" in $From
    in 1st case, you just send the word,
    in the second ($From ) the value of that php variable...

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    Ohhh.... man, I went through that over and over and over... and NEVER noticed that. Good eye Eyez.....

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    Yup, eyez founded it.
    So it's just because the one was a word, and the other was a variable?

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    oh.. well it still doesn't do what its supposed to, but its closer

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    what exactly are you trying to do? I'm a little unclear as to what you want... its not sending the e-mail at all? or its just not saying what the From field is?

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    It is sending the email, the subject and the actual message part show up, but what happens is that it comes from host33@ipowerweb.com, not from the inputed emaiil, and I'm wondering if there is a way to have it show up like that or if its ubpossible

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    yeah, did you read all of my post here: http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/sh...threadid=17313

    it explains the header information in the 7th post down...

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    Jubba, I read it, but I'm still lost
    Like, I can make the name show up, just not in the right place..
    and i don't really need the bcc thing if thats what you thought i meant.. sorry for bein annoying

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    no not the bcc thing. it tells you how to put the From: part in.

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    Ok, well I'm gonna do what I can, I'll post what I've done to further screw up my thing in a minute.

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    PHP Code:
    $headers "From: $fromName <$fromName@$SERVER_NAME> \n"
    isnt that just gonna make it be from the person's name at xxviii.net? (xxviii.net being my server thing)

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