Everybody! This is important. In a few days, these forums will be moving over to using the totally sweet Discourse platform. To ensure this migration happens smoothly with no loss of content, these forums are currently in a read-only mode. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

There is never a good time to turn the forums off for an extended period of time, but I promise the new forums will be a billion times better. I'm pretty sure of it.

See you all on the other side in a few days, and if you have any (non-technical) questions, please e-mail me at kirupa@kirupa.com. For technical questions, try to find a tutorial that corresponds to what you are looking for and post in the comments section of that page.



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    I see...thanks a lot for the help, now I just...

    I see...thanks a lot for the help, now I just have to find an rss where I can get the information :puzzled:
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    alright that didn't work but what i ended up...

    alright that didn't work but what i ended up doing is this:


    I do have another question though...if you guys wouldn't mind looking at it:

    actionscript 2...
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    another question going from as2 to as3

    alright so i have on frame 1 of the main timeline a movieclip that plays. what i want to know is how to goto and play frame 2 on the main timeline after the movie clip is finished running. in as2...
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    New to AS3 and xml...please help

    Alright, here goes:

    I'm creating a personal website and I've been working on a section where you can get the latest news headlines. Everything seems to work perfectly when I'm in CS3 but when I...
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